Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

With winter here, it’s time to prepare things for cold weather. Part of that is taking the proper steps to ensure your vehicle is ready for the months ahead. Whether it be snow or ice, winter can take a huge toll on your vehicle’s health, and winter prep can help mitigate some of the effects.

Five Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Safe and Efficient During Winter

  1. Pack a Winter Supply Box
    While your vehicle’s safety is important, ultimately yours comes first. A winter supply box can help if your car won’t start or you get stranded in a remote location. Things like flashlights, blankets and a bag of sand for traction should be kept in your car during winter months.
  2. Check Engine Coolant and Other Fluids
    Engine coolant and antifreeze help keep your engine running smoothly. During freezing weather, antifreeze will aid in keeping your engine for freezing. At our dealership, you can get these important fluids checked and replaced if need be.
  3. Change Your Oil
    Replacing your oil when it’s time is an important part of automotive care. With colder weather, you’ll want to switch your oil to something with a higher viscosity. That way your oil is thinner.
  4. Switch Wiper Fluid
    Wiper fluid is easy to forget. But when you change your regular fluid to winter, you can ensure your fluid doesn’t freeze. And it may even help break up ice.
  5. Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure
    Changing weather means changing tire pressure. Be sure to keep an eye on your tires to ensure they stay full. You may even consider switching your summer tires for winter ones.
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