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Experience Elegant Service for Your Car at Our Service Center in Wayland MI

Whether owning a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle in Grand Rapids, servicing your car is always a task you are bound to undertake each time. Of course, the regular car service is essential in letting you enjoy smooth driving from your SUV, truck, or sedan.

As a leading car service center near Kentwood MI, our experts at K&M Wayland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram know that you need excellent car service to match the quality of your extraordinary ride. But what are the common questions on servicing your car at our center? Read on and discover the basic queries relevant to our car service option in greater Wyoming MI.

What Does Vehicle Maintenance and Service Consist of?

A routine service and maintenance program at K&M Wayland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram makes sense in helping extend your vehicle's life and avoid potentially costly repairs. Top among our basic vehicle service and maintenance program include:

  • A visual checkup of all the vehicle systems, including all fluids, battery, brake system, vehicle exhaust, and seatbelts. In addition, our experts at K&M Wayland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram ensure a safety checklist of the horn, external lights, windows, and wipers.
  • A series of checks and replacement of the fluids will cater to the engine oil, coolants, brake fluid, steering fluid, and gearbox oil. The fluid check also caters to the clutch fluid, washer fluid, and the vehicle's differential fluid.
  • A scheduled tune-up is carried out to help your car's engine achieve the best performance with a balanced power and fuel ratio. The tune-up test also tests for the engine emissions to ascertain proper engine performance with low emissions.
  • The tire inspection features prominently to ensure you get that proper nice and smooth ride in and around Wayland MI. Here, the series of checks includes reviewing the tire pressure, tread wear, tread depth, wheel alignment, and tire rotation for proper handling.
  • Inside inspection of serviceable items takes place as the last step in your car service to ensure the functioning of features. Among the areas to be serviced are the steering system, shock absorbers, front-end components, ventilating, and A/C system.

What are the Different Types of Vehicle Maintenance?

Our experts promise the best in fulfilling a high-level service for our clients regarding professional vehicle service. The vehicle servicing saves you the tedious task of car maintenance through the following different levels:

Preventive Care Service

The preventive care service covers maintenance before any possible failure or breakdown happens to your vehicle. The service aims to reduce chances of breakdown or damage to the vehicle's parts, equipment, or components. Our experts in Wayland MI will consider the vehicle's parts' history and track failures for best advice during service.

Corrective Car Service

As the name implies, the corrective car service and maintenance is here to fix a defect and get your vehicle parts or equipment working normally again. The corrective car service maintenance can be unplanned or planned, depending on if you had a scheduled vehicle service plan.

What Should be given to a Customer Before Doing a Repair?

To better understand the car service procedure, professional mechanics should provide customers with the following to ensure work alignment.

  • A diagnostic exam of the car
  • A written price estimate of the cost to fix or repair
  • A warranty on the car parts and services 
  • A detailed invoice once all the service is done.

Have Your Car Feeling Good as New At K&M Wayland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Come visit us and experience reputable and professional car service with high-level auto maintenance for used, new, and certified pre-owned vehicles. Our experts in Wayland MI are sure to help with any truck, SUV, or car service needs you have in place.