Grand Rapids Sells More Jeep Grand Cherokees Than Any Other City In Michigan

Winter is here, Grand Rapids. While most of us are dreading the gray skies, we have to admit - deep down, we really do love the snow. After all, it isn't the snow we hate about winter; it's getting around in the snow that's a real pain. Unless you have the right vehicle, like a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

For instance, you're likely going to get invited to a holiday party somewhere in the Grand Rapids metro area. Driving around at night in snow isn't really safe, especially when everyone is rushing around, doing their holiday shopping. And if you're driving an older vehicle, your chances of being involved in an accident goes up.

Other winter driving tips that will help you look like a pro (even if you don't have that new Jeep Grand Cherokee yet):

--Add some weight to the trunk of your car. It'll add extra traction.

--Always carry around a shovel and a bag of cat litter in the trunk as well. The cat litter can be used as weight and will add stability when you're trying to get out of a snow bank.

--Take the time to get all the ice off the windshields. Wake up 10 minutes early if you think you'll need it. There's nothing worse than getting out an an intersection to scrape your windshield.

--Have your vehicle serviced before severe weather comes. Of course, if you get a new Jeep, you won't have to worry about breaking down for years.

Time for an upgrade? Not only will you really love driving in the snow, you'll look so much more impressive when the family comes to visit during the holidays.

There's no better time to find a Jeep for sale in the Grand Rapids area. In case you didn't get the memo - it's been proven that the most popular people drive jeeps, and the coolest of the cool own Jeep Grand Cherokees. (We might be a little biased, of course.)

What Would You Do If Someone Bought You A New Jeep, Grand Rapids People?

If someone parked a brand new Jeep in your driveway with a big bow on it, you'd probably freak. The kids would scream, and the neighbors would be jealous. After the initial shock wore off, you'd most likely jump in and take it for a cruise around the Grand Rapids metro area.

We're sure everyone has their favorite places for short road trips. Here's a short list of other places in the area you could take your new Jeep during this winter:

--There's a Christmas Parade in Grand Rapids. Santa would be jealous of your new jeep.

--You could light peep with the family. Everyone loves checking out the light displays in Kent County every winter.

--Did you know Grand Rapids has more breweries per capita than pretty much anywhere else in the state of Michigan? You could always take your work buddies out in your new jeep and check out all the breweries. (Our tip: Start at Founders Brewing Company, then make your way over to Schmohz.)

Winter means shorter days and way colder nights, and museums are a good place to spend a cold weekend. Grand Rapids has one of the best museums in the state.

f it's close to the holidays, you could take the family to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the Uptown Holiday Shop Hop, or the Christmas Traditions display at Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

Or, you could take the family down to K&M Wayland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and find a Jeep for sale in Grand Rapids, then test drive it. Just sayin.'